If necessary, we follow him/her during the party.

As a parent you know that where there are many children, there may be unpleasant and unexpected events as well. These situations may often serve as a basis of happy stories, but there are countless situations leading to much more serious troubles or even mental or physical injury.

The PartyGuard service offers efficient solutions for the proactive parents who want to avoid such problematic situations. We help you to let your child arrive home safely after each party and to prevent any worries due to accidents, injuries or other discomforts.

If necessary, we follow him/her during the party and prevent him/her to become subject to any danger or problematic situation. Depending on your request, we can do it in a discrete and covert way as well.

Additionally, we can provide you and your family a responsible colleague for the events for adolescents, who can fit to the event in terms of his appearance and manners and your child can feel free to ask his help in case of problems.

The aim of the PartyGuard service is not the regulation of your child. Our mission is to ensure the security of your child and to let a person or people take care of him/her during the party, who is able to bring rapid and correct decisions to prevent significant problems and discomforts.